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10th edition - July 02nd to 05th 2024 I 10am to 7pm
São Paulo Expo - Rod. dos Imigrantes - KM 1,5

Learn about some of the social and sustainability actions


ForMóbile, always concerned about the environment and a more egalitarian society, promotes a series of initiatives that aim not only to act in a sustainable way from the environmental point of view, but also to promote the development of a more balanced society.


In an unprecedented action, ForMóbile supported and hosted the initiative that benefits a social project.
The event hosted an industrial island that demonstrated, in real time, how the furniture manufacturing process works. The furniture resulting from this action was donated to the Luz do Sol Project, which helps the recovery of drug addicts. The initiative, which was supported by the fair, is the result of a partnership between the company Mach CNC, Hal Design Marcenaria, Anderson Rios Consultoria and Projeto Afiando a Serra.


• Hiring of people with special needs (PNE) in partnership with the PAE program (efficient attendant program). 
• Accessibility at the event: motorized chairs available.


•  We encourage the reduction of the use of disposable materials and support the consumption of local products, thus reducing the transportation and recycling of cans and pet bottles used in the pavilion.
• The credentials printed in PS material are collected at the exit of the event and sent for proper recycling.
• At ForMóbile we use 80% new carpet and 20% reused carpet.
• Reuse of the pavilion's signaling materials and recycling of all the canvas used in the fair for later donation to the ONG Safrater (Sociedade de Amparo Fraterno Casa do Caminho) for social actions.
• Selective collection of organic and recyclable materials.


• We reduced the use of printed materials, with a reduction in the printing of invitations, posters, stamps and other printed materials. In addition to issuing in advance digital credentials for Visitors, VIP guests, and Guests of the Exhibitor, resulting in a reduction of approximately 60 thousand printed materials.
• In the materials where there was an extreme need for printing, we opted for printing on FSC paper, an international certification granted to companies that promote the responsible use of forests and the conservation of their natural resources.


• Meetings with the ForMóbile team involving all the areas, marketing and operational so that there is engagement on the theme Sustainability.
• Free advertising for supplier companies that use "green smart materials" in the composition of their products and purchase of materials with the FSC seal.
• Incentive to exhibitors to use modular stands that can be reused, encouraging the recycling of the construction material of the stands.
• Constant tips on good sustainable practices, with digital communications, WhatsApp, e-mails, screens at CAEX (Exhibitor Center) and other communications.
• We strongly recommend the use of LED lamps in the stands to reduce energy consumption.
• We provide rest areas in the Pavilion with free wi-fi and cell phone chargers.
• Promotion of educational development, with attractions and free lectures promoting for the public entering the job market in the industry, such as the Mobile Unit of SENAI-SP , which presented 5G Connectivity, WiFi 6, virtual reality and and augmented reality.
• We reinforced and increased the work safety actions during the assembly and disassembly period with mandatory use of PPE.