Technical sales: the importance of the consultant service in resellers

Investment in equipment requires planning and preparation by the carpentry or factory. In this context, a technical sale can make a difference for a more efficient purchase.

Investment in equipment requires planning and preparation by the carpentry or industry. This process often requires research, knowledge and strategic vision to avoid errors in choice and problems in production. In this context, having a technical sale can make a difference for a more efficient purchase.

Having this specialized support is a way to make your investment smarter. This is because a seller with a technical approach can guide the purchase and direct the buyer to the most suitable equipment for their needs, which is not always the best-known option or even the best option.

What is a technical sale for carpentry equipment?

A technical or consultative sale is a process in which the seller and the buyer discuss the needs of the company and find together the option that best suits them. For Marcelo Martins, general manager of CdS Ferramentas, this is a longer process than an ordinary sale, since it requires the seller to deepen the issues throughout the service. "In a technical sale, the professional must ask specific questions, which help to understand the size of the production of this carpentry or factory," he says. "You need to understand the volume and needs of this production to be able to indicate the sale of the equipment that will supply them, finding the option that fits that reality," he adds.

For Martins, this is a more consultative than a commercial approach. "This is because, as it’s a more specialized process, the seller considers other costs with the customer in addition to the price of the equipment itself. In a technical sale, the seller takes into account the costs of logistics, installation, energy consumption and other factors that may arise if the customer takes the inappropriate equipment for production to his factory," he explains.

Why look for a technical sale?

According to the manager, looking for a technical sale helps the client avoid a series of difficulties that can arise with the purchase of equipment that doesn’t fit their production. "A machine that cannot meet demand or, on the contrary, one that produces on a larger scale than necessary, are options that can affect the productivity, budget and profits obtained by the factory," he says. He cites the logistics costs of replacing the item, the waiting time for technical assistance and the periods of production downtime as some of the problems that may arise from a purchase without consulting. "This is a negative situation for the customer, for resale and for the manufacturer, and can be avoided with a well-executed technical sale," he concludes.

The specialized sale adds value to the service and allows more conscious options by the buyer. "The technical sale, combined with a reliable after-sales, requires structure by the resale and makes a total difference in the acquisition."