Root Project: Get to know the work of Brazilian furniture designers

The country is a reference in the sector and, therefore, we have listed some Brazilian furniture designers that are gaining notoriety in the market.

The Brazilian design is pulsating and plural. Its promotion in the foreign market drives the entire furniture chain in the country. This is the basis of Root Project, an initiative of Sindmóveis and Apex-Brasil, which is giving even more

visibility to Brazilian furniture designers.

"The talent of Brazilian furniture designers must reach the world, it’s a mixture of cultures, materials and techniques that result in unparalleled creativity and a globally demanded diversity," explains Sindmóveis project coordinator and consultant Ana Cristina Schneider

The Root Project is a sector action in support of exports and the internationalization of Brazilian furniture designers. It seeks, among other topics, the insertion of professionals in foreign markets through two fronts, according to the coordinator of the work.  "Our strategic intelligence seeks opportunities for designers to authorize the manufacture and distribution of their products to industries and retailers, as well as occasions to export signed furniture, in partnership between the designer of Root and his industrial partner,"summarizes Schneider. It should be noted that the main destination of international licenses for participants of the Root Project is Italy. The following is the US market. As

for the realization of strategic actions, there are a total of 344 products created by Brazilian furniture designers for sale in the international market.  

In New York Design Week, for example, the project led to the event to 19 Brazilian studios, which made the country have its largest participation in NYCxDesign.

Learn more about the work of Brazilian furniture designers from Root Project.

Among the designers of participating projects that went to NYCxDesign are:

 Paulo Alves

His work has the fundamentals of artisan carpentry and has a creative inspiration in concrete art. Paulo is already 20 years old in the market and a very striking aspect in his furniture is the use of wood with natural and symbolic

The result of Paulo Alves' work is always quite impressive due to his extremely authoritarian way of creating. It’s also worth mentioning that his design work refers to the legacy of the masters of modern Brazilian furniture.

Alessandra Delgado

Like Paulo, Alessandra is one of the exponents among Brazilian furniture designers. She has her own style and develops 100% copyrighted projects.The architect presents a more personalized work for restaurants, condominiums, hotels and corporate environments in general. Her trademarks are personalization and excellence in her projects.

Aristeu Pires

The work developed by Aristeu Pires is already in the main decoration stores in the country and in projects of the most important architectural offices, both residential and corporate. In addition to the consolidated experience and reputation in the domestic market, the Aristeu brand is also known abroad: since 2016, the designer has had a store in Chicago, in association with an investment group.