Hardware news: What to bet on in 2019?

Hardware innovations complete projects and bring more sophistication to furniture. Learn what to expect from the industry by the end of the year. Hardware is essential for furniture. They are a determining part of the quality of a piece of

furniture, especially when it comes to planned designs. Therefore, hardware news are constantly emerging, deserving attention of those working in the area.

Their importance is explained by the crucial role they play in furniture: Hardware is responsible for guaranteeing the functionality of a piece and, every year acquires a greater aesthetic importance for the overall design of the pieces.

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Automation must use the latest hardware

Providing furniture functionality is one of the objectives when opting for certain hardware. Therefore, in several of the trends identified, the automation function should provide
novelties in very different hardware. Among them, the damping systems will gain more and more space. This is because they allow doors and drawers to be handled smoothly. In addition, the system also prevents bumpsand damages, which increases the durability of the furniture.

Hardware trends and innovations that are already changing the market Celso Ferreira, Commercial Supervisor of Blum Brazil, highlights how one of the trends in vogue was observed by the brand when thinking about some product lines.

“Today, thin fronts are a big trend in the market. For this, we created an Expando T system that can be applied on fronts 8 to 14 mm thick,” he says.

In addition, another of theinnovations in hardware that deserves attention is its high adaptability to the changing needs of consumers. For example, how real estate spaces are becoming thinner and thinner. Manufacturers are adapting hardware for the user’s need, allowing space optimization and even more effective functionality.

"Given this trend, we developed SPACE STEP, which is nothing more than a piece of hardware that takes advantage of the lost space of the base, transforming this little used area into a platform that serves as a step to access the upper cabinets," says Ferreira.

Another novelty in hardware refers to the choice of color palette. Shades such as rose gold and matt black are expected to see a greater demand in the coming months. Even so, contrasting the design of the piece (black furniture with white handle, for example) is also a growing trend.

Other news that should get evidence

One of the highlights of CASACOR 2019 were invisible hardware. This news has won more and more fans, because they have ennobled furniture by combining functionality and aesthetics, highly sought-after items in the market today. An interesting aspect of invisible hardware is that they make evident only the elements inside the cabinet, for example, and not the hardware that helps the functioning of the furniture, something that was previously unthinkable.

In this sense, there is also a product category that shows how high doors, up to 2500 mm, cleanly hide entire rows of furniture. Note that when they open, the doors disappear discreetly in certain pockets, which are the systems used.

Another novelty in hardware is that promises to move the market is the so-called servo drive, which adds functionality and ergonomics to furniture and its users. The system allows the doors to open smoothly and ergonomically with a simple forward touch. The servo drive was presented as one of the highlights of the main events that inspire the furniture industry, such as Interzum 2019 and Ligna 2019, so it’s a good innovation bet to add to the projects in the coming