7 apps to facilitate the lives of architects

Look at 7 useful applications that can simplify the life of an architect!

As the use of mobile devices consolidates and occupies an increasing space in our personal and professional routine, applications also become more sophisticated and diversified to execute and automate increasingly specialized and complex activities. In this context, applications for architects have also gained more and more space, facilitating and rationalizing the daily tasks of these professionals and adding important differentials to the projects.

In addition, as the coordinator of the Digital House programming courses, Ana Paula Pereira da Silva points out, applications for architects can help strategically in the execution of projects, validating the idea and avoiding or preventing possible errors, "There are, for example, applications that can predict errors in planning. With that, it’spossible to avoid millions of losses or even find solutions for possible errors beforehand," says the expert.

The Digital House representative also highlights how these resources and their mobility are practical for the routine of architects. "The investment in the correct applications is a totally positive factor, since it makes the professional have all the technology and access to the complete project within the cell phone, wherever it is," says Ana Paula.

7 examples of applications for architects to adopt in their work

To facilitate the daily work of architects, there are, for example, project planning applications, applications to execute the project and applications to present the project to the client. Below are some examples of these applications.

1. Countdown
Countdown is a useful application to manage time and control the activities of architects. It allows to organize all the commitments and make clear the deadlines for the activities and the delivery of the project. As the completion of each step approaches, the application sends reminders.

The biggest benefit is not to miss out on delivery dates, meetings with clients and activities related to deadlines. All this helps the architect to better manage his time, prioritize important tasks and not lose any term or commitment.

2.  Home Design 3D
This is one of the applications for architects that help to visualize the complete project, even facilitating the presentation of the proposal to the client. It makes it possible, for example, for plants to be stored in Dropbox, facilitating their mobile access and also creating a cloud backup to provide more security in file storage.

This application basically has two very important characteristics for the architect's work: bringing the rooms closer to reality and trying new coatings, doors, windows, colors and other elements.

3.  Roomscan
EThis option is for those who are always on the move and use the cell phone as a work tool. The application allows you to create architectural plans from the mobile device, instrumentalizing the architect so that he can greatly accelerate the project even during trips or long office periods.

Roomscan also allows the professional to use a laser measuring tape to obtain the measurements with greater precision.

4.  Mypantone
In architectural projects, colors can be considered one of the central points. They are the ones who set the tone for the environment that is being created for the client. In this application, the architect will have access to a varied color palette: there are almost 13,000 options and you can share them with other people who are working on the same project.

5.  Sun Seeker
In addition to knowing the time it will take in a given project, the set of colors to use and how to format it, there’s also a demand to measure the amount of light in the place. On the property, information about where the sun comes directly is essential for the development of architectural and decorative projects and, for this, Sun Seeker can help.

With the help of the camera, it shows the position of the sun at that time and where it will be every hour, data that makes it easier to know how the solar incidence reaches the environment.

6. Canva
Canva is an application that allows you to create a series of graphic materials and presentations. Among the applications for architects, this can be used for the development of presentations of proposals and projects with an exquisite and personalized design, and all in a very intuitive way.

7. ArchiSnapper
The preparation of a field report during or after a visit to the site, without the help of technological resources, can take a long time and be laborious. Therefore, there are already applications for architects, such as ArchiSnapper, that help in this task.

It allows you to photograph, draw, draw, annotate and comment directly on a smartphone or tablet and, with just one click, generate a preformatted report. It is responsible for digitizing, organizing and classifying your data and even synchronizes it with the cloud.